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It's been quite eventful at spyn since the pandemic!
Being in the IT domain, switching to remote way of working was easy. And it has been a great experience.
Life is better as we are back in our hometowns staying with our family.
We have 2 mothers of young ones doing a fabulous job that otherwise would not have been possible.
And not being stuck in the Mumbai traffic means we are more energetic both in professional and personal life.
We have regular team meetings on varied topics to make up for karuna things we miss the most - office banter, the afternoon gametime, face-to-face conversations and our occasional trips.
More importantly, we have improved the spyn PRO product offering to cater to the challenges faced by our clients due to the pandemic.
Features like #videos, #onlineclasses, #onlineregistrations and more helped our clients go online and get business even when they were offline. And whitelabelled apps with their name helped them grow their business further.
spyn PRO is now a comprehensive product for academies, gyms, studios, facility/venue owners and event organisers to manage their business.
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